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Low time pilots, fresh out of flight school have a difficult path ahead of them. The industry is designed around pilots having around 800 to 1500 hours to acquire their first “real job”, other than flight instructing. I consider flight instructing a real job. As a flight instructor you have an opportunity to “build or shape” your industry.

It requires a high degree of flying skill to set good examples, an ability to effectively transfer knowledge to many different types of people, demands constant study to remain current and it is relatively dangerous. Most pilots do not want to be flight instructors and are always waiting for the “big break” to go off and set the world on fire doing something other than burning holes “around the patch”.

After you catch your “big break”, enjoy it, don’t take it for granted and after you have “lived the dream”, go back to teaching or mentoring part time so others can take advantage from your travel and experiences. This will enhance and improve our industry.

I challenge each pilot to be happy and content in whatever helicopter pilot position they have chosen (or gotten themselves into) and to take ownership of their industry. Each one of us has the responsibility to set good examples, behave professionally and “avoid the dumb pills” in the morning.

It is our job to provide the public with a quality service never in doubt of the outcome. Also, try to remember, it is still quite fun.